tnereffiD = Different*

You’re probably telling yourself that something is definitely wrong with this page. Don’t refresh, it loaded correctly. Nothing Cliché is all about being original.

I did previously have a “Coming Soon” page, but a friend pointed out that yes, that is a very cliché thing to do. So instead, I have invited all to join in the creation of the website.

Welcome to Nothing Cliché.

*Someone actually found this page by Googling “what is tnereffid.” So, for the next person to come doing the same, it’s just different spelled backwards.

Genesis Theme Framework – Visual Hook Reference

"Because everything needs a visual guide."

If you think this reference is helpful check out the live Genesis Visual Hook guide. Hover over sections for more information about the hook or default functions and even tutorials. It’s more of a complete developers guide/index of genesis.

With the release of Genesis by Studiopress, the use of hooks were introduced to their themes. Hooks are a useful piece of code that allow you to “hook” into a theme without modifying core theme files. With the ability to place code in given spots throughout a theme allows simple upgrading without having to go back through all your template files to re-add your custom code.

A look into the available hooks for Genesis in their place:

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WordPress 2.9 post thumbnails

Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_post_image()

If you have recently downloaded the latest WordPress 2.9 beta build (like I have) you will find “the_post_image” no longer works! In place you will see that lovely “Fatal Error” message above.

“Post/Page Image was too generic a name. Post/Page Thumbnail is more clear, even if you can create very large thumbnail images if you so choose.”

– WordPress trac

Below, I will be noting the changes found in the latest build, and how to now use thumbnails in a WordPress theme using 2.9’s post thumbnail function.

Adding support for the post thumbnail feature in a theme

This part has not changed. Just add the code below to your themes function.php

if ( function_exists( 'add_theme_support' ) )
	add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

So, what has changed?

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WordCamp New York 2009

The weekend is over, as well as the packed, fun-filled-two-day New York WordCamp (fun even though I wasn’t allowed into Tonic’s for the after party on Saturday night. Stinks being only 20).
With over 50 speakers, 8 tracks, and over 700 attendees, it was one the largest WordCamps to date. More pictures after the break.

Core Contributors at WordCamp NYC

Core Contributors that attended WordCamp NYC 2009

From left: Matt Martz (sivel), Jeremy Clarke, Shane Froebel, Jane Wells, Matt Mullenweg, Mark Jaquith, Beau Lebens, Andy Peatling, John James Jacoby.

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First site launched

A complete Redesign of Johnny Jungle

Today, I launched my first solo project under Nothing Cliché.  A complete Redesign of Johnny Jungle

Johnny Jungle is a fan site for St. John’s Red Storm men’s basketball team. The site was originally built using Apple’s iWeb and comprised of mainly images in place of text. The mission: to give the client an easy way to update content.

The new site is now built using WordPress using it as a CMS. The site underwent a fresh redesign, as well as many additions due to the conveniences of using WordPress to manage pages, posts and the adding of widgets and plug-ins.

The New Johnny Jungle Homepage

The New Johnny Jungle Homepage

Technologies used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Flash